Mentoring and Advisory

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FNESS Emergency Management team members provide professional emergency management mentoring and advisory services to First Nations communities before, during, and after disaster events. FNESS supports the Sendia Framework with a focus on prevention and mitigation, and, during the recovery process, to “Build Back Better”. 

FNESS supports Indigenous internal capacity building by sharing information with and mentoring a community champion to achieve a higher degree of understanding and proficiency during all stages of emergency response and recovery management. This specialized approach allows the First Nation community to address in a culturally appropriate, educated manner, issues unique to the community’s cultural, traditional, human and environmental needs.   

  • Provide Provincial representation and support in the development and maintenance of local government emergency management initiatives, as they relate to First Nations communities.
  • Provide provincial expertise and leadership in integrated planning in cooperation with ISC, EMBC, and other federal organizations involved in emergency management and response.
  • Obtain input from First Nation communities on what services are working and what can be improved, and provide advice on emergency management planning and on the use of decision support tools and templates for First Nations communities and EMBC staff.
  • Engage First Nations communities in the new EMBC policies, plans and procedures.
  • Liaise with all EMBC Sections and staff as required to develop and maintain emergency management plans and procedures relevant to First Nations.
  • Coordinate and support the BCEMS committee and liaise with EMBC emergency coordination and response and recovery organizations to develop BCEMS, standard operating procedures and guidelines.  There is significant interaction with local governments in support of local government preparedness initiatives.
  • Identify contacts for the coordination of First Nations community planning with local and regional governments.
  • Coordinate the integration of Ministry-specific emergency response plans into Provincial emergency plans that cover all hazards and drawing on technical support and subject matter expertise as required.
  • Provide support during document grant requests and funds for emergency planning and recovery activities.

The FNESS Emergency Management team is dedicated to building internal capacity within First Nations, is focused on the needs of First Nations individuals and communities, and is passionate about supporting our communities to achieve self-reliance as it relates to emergency and recovery management.