Program Development

Emergency Management - Program Development


HVRA-Hazard Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

  • Provide support in the development and maintenance of hazard, risk and vulnerability analysis tools to assist First Nations communities.
  • Conduct risk analysis that identifies options for implementing a range of Emergency Management Program activities required to support safe and healthy First Nations communities.
  • Prevent and mitigate hazards and risks in order to reduce the potential impacts of a disaster(s) in First Nations communities.
  • Develop process and procedures to mitigate impacts on First Nations Cultural and Heritage Values.


Plans Policies and Procedures

  • Coordinate effective planning, preparedness, response and recovery management with the federal government, local and regional agencies, and other organizations.
  • Review all emergency management policies, plans and procedures to ensure they are respectful of local culture, sensitive to the needs and challenges of First Nations communities, and are specific to and aligned with, the individual community needs, and specifically focused on prevention and mitigation.
  • Engage First Nations communities in EMBC policies, plans and procedures.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of emergency management plans for the First Nations and the development of new measures to reduce the consequences of an emergency event.
  • Liaise with the private sector (e.g. utility companies and the oil and gas industry) to ensure their emergency management plans support and integrate with First Nations emergency management plans.
  • Assist First Nations communities to determine the level of preparedness their community has reached, and encourage First Nations to increase their level of preparedness.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of emergency management plans for the First Nations and develop new measures and provide feedback to reduce the First Nations communities’ consequence of impacts resulting from emergency events.
  • Provide EM program evaluation services to determine compatibility with the Emergency Response Plans (ERP’s) of neighbouring industries and review the efficiency and effectiveness of the current Emergency Management Plan for the First Nations.
  • Support continuous improvement of Emergency Management Program initiatives by documenting successes and challenges and identifying recommendations for improved programming effectiveness.


Emergency Management - Organizational Design

  • Provide support in the development of First Nations communities’ organizational and reporting structure as it relates to Emergency Management that is customized to suit each community.
  • Identify the appropriate information databases, mapping and reporting tools required to support community planning along with response and recovery initiatives over the short, mid, and long-term.


Recovery  Planning

  • Assist First Nations communities to make effective planning decisions in the management of human, financial, and material resources and to coordinate and communicate procedures to ensure the timely and effective provision of assistance and humanitarian aid to community members.
  • Provide expertise, education and awareness to identify programs and processes for accessing funding at the Federal and Provincial levels to support all phases of Emergency Management and  to “Build Back Better”