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This years’ Fire Prevention Week (FPW) theme, Fire Won’t Wait. Plan Your Escape., puts the spotlight on getting out of the home quickly and safely should fire strike. This requires a home escape plan and working smoke alarms in all homes. Should there be a fire in a home in any one of our communities, together let’s make sure everyone gets out safely.

To support the good work of our fire departments and reach as many people as possible with these lifesaving messages, we have included resources and materials for Band Offices, Fire Departments, Schools, and Daycare/Preschool to use during FPW and beyond. All materials can be downloaded for printing and distribution, and we are always here to help.

We invite you to view a special Welcome to Fire Prevention Week from FNESS Executive Director Wayne Schnitzler.

(video to come)

Band Office
Fire Department
School Program
Preshool/Daycare Program