Foundational Training

pic-1-300x201.jpgFire Protection Leadership Governance

The purpose of this training is to enhance capacity and awareness of Band Council Governance with regards to community fire protection. Discussion topics include: Fire Safety Assessment report of the community, long-term financial responsibilities for operations and maintenance of fire departments, trucks and equipment, levels of fire protection, the importance of fire prevention and supporting a designated community champion who heads the community fire prevention program by means of a Fire Prevention BCR/By-Law.

Fire Safety leadership and Governance Workshop

The Leadership and Governance Workshops reviews the community fire prevention options available for communities. Some of these options include: adoption of Fire and Building codes utilizing a Band Council Resolution, working with neighbouring communities to engage in Municipal Type Service Agreement options for community fire protection, incident reporting and investigations in administration processes, review of various funding opportunities and advisory for community specific questions and inquiries.

Included in the workshop is a Fire Safety educational component which includes a review of heating, cooking and electrical fire safety, proper care, use, and maintenance of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. During the workshops, time is set aside for open discussions with FNESS instructors and other community members about community fire prevention related concerns or questions.

FNESS Fire Services Training

The Fire Services Department is introducing “Fee-for-Service” training for fire departments on and off reserves. These services can be requested and upon availability of trainers may delivered on contract. This training is listed below:

Multiple training sessions within each heading are available:

  1. Exterior Ops Fighter Training
  2. Administration Training (ICS 100, Basic Incident Command, etc.)
  3. Fire Management
  4. Training Plans

FNESS Fire Services Department Sponsored Training

There are no registration fees for FNESS Fire Services Department sponsored training.To register for a FNESS Fire Services Training workshop or course, fill out the Training Registration Form and fax in the completed form to our North Vancouver office with attention to Sarah Kent, Fire Services Coordinator.

Other BC Fire Services Training

The following training events are sponsored by organizations other than FNESS and registration fees may apply. These events are not federally funded and reimbursements are not applicable. Registration for these events must be completed through the host organization and not FNESS.

Additional Safety Resources