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Forest Enhancement

The Forestry Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) approved a project submission by FNESS for the development and implementation of a Regional Prioritization and Engagement model for First Nations (FN) that will guide the development and submission of FN FESBC Project proposals.

Pilot projects are being developed in the following three areas: North East (Fort Nelson), South East (FN covered by the Rocky Mountain Fire Management Plan) and Coast (N’Quatqua).


The following two measurable outputs for the pilot projects will define project success:

  1. Development of a simple process that can be clearly articulated to project proponents for identifying priority areas and developing and submitting FESBC projects to the FESBC Board.
  2. FESBC Board approval of FN FESBC project submissions.

In addition to accessing funding to support community safety by preventing and mitigating risk from wildfire we will be looking at other FESBC opportunities as follows:

    • Improving damaged or low value forests.
    • Improving habitat for wildlife.
    • Supporting the use of fibre from damaged and low value forests.
    • Treating forests to improve the management of greenhouse gases.

Map and report products have been produced for the East Kootenay trench that identifies high priority project opportunities for Fuel Hazard mitigation, ecosystem restoration and areas of overlap.  The planning process is also being used to identify priority areas for allocating $5 million in funding from the Columbia Basin Trust.

For the South East pilot FESBC priority project opportunities are being assessed against the North East prescribed burning landscape plan, as well as the Community Forest initiative.

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