Funding Opportunity: 2022-2023 First Nations’ Emergency Services Society & Indigenous Services Canada

On-Reserve Operational Fuel Treatment, On-Reserve FireSmartTM and  NEW-On-Reserve Cultural Burning Revitalization and Prescribed Fire Programs
Application for this program are being accepted starting October 3, 2022:
v2 FNESS-ISC 2022-2023 On-Reserve Programs GUIDE (final)

2022-2023 ISC On-Reserve Operational Fuel Treatment Application v2 (796 KB)

2022-2023 ISC On-Reserve FireSmart Application v2 (793 KB)

2022-2023 ISC On-Reserve Cultural Burning Revitalization & Prescribed Fire Application v2 (796 KB)

The First Nations’ Emergency Services Society (FNESS)-Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) On-Reserve Operational Fuel Treatment;  On-Reserve FireSmart™; NEW  FNESS-ISC ON-RESERVE CULTURAL BURNING REVITALIZATION AND PRESCRIBED FIRE programs are separate program streams that are managed by FNESS. Grant administration is provided by FNESS with provision of funding by ISC. These related initiatives support First Nation communities to mitigate risk from wildfire in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) and identify cultural burn areas, develop prescriptions, and burns plan, and/or worth with the BC Wildfire Service to develop these plans to conduct the burns. Reserve lands are eligible for funding.

Requirement to consult with a FNESS Wildfire Mitigation Specialist (WMS) to co-develop your path to safeguarding your community.

Mitigation Department, First Nations’ Emergency Services Society of BC


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2021-2022 On-Reserve Operational Treatment Program

2021-2022 ISC FireSmart Program

2020-2021 On-Reserve Operational Treatment Program

2020-2021 ISC FireSmart Program

2020-2021 Wildland Fire Fighting On Reserve, Training, Certification, and Development


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