Create Independent Capacity To
Manage an Emergency


prepare appropriately


reduce loss


respond confidently

Raise up a community to lead preparedness & response:

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Training and Mentoring

Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Emergency Plan Coordination and Support

Tabletop Exercise Design and Delivery

Rapid Damage Assessments and Rapid Mitigation Teams

FNESS Response Teams & Equipment

When faced with a fire, flood or other crisis, many First Nation communities suffer avoidable losses because they:

Didn’t receive emergency
management training

Aren’t equipped with the basics to
set up an emergency operations centre

Couldn’t access finances to
have a local leader dedicated to a specialized role

FNESS Preparedness & Response helps you lay the
groundwork to manage a crisis independently.

We help First Nation communities find their way through the practical and financial reality of emergency preparedness and response. When you feel overlooked because your situation falls outside the standard guidelines, we’ll do everything we can to connect you with the resources you need.


Set your local Emergency Coordinator up for success with tools and training to manage your emergency plan. As we advocate for funding and provide ongoing training and mentorship, your local emergency
leader’s capacity will increase for the benefit of your community.


A simple, but practical starting point to set up an Emergency Operations Centre.

Prepare Your Community with preparedness & response Training and Support


Being prepared for an emergency before it happens will reduce strain on leaders and their communities. Reach out to our Preparedness & Response team so we can understand more about you, your people, and your emergency management goals.

get equipped

With your knowledge of local hazards and our expertise in emergency planning, we’ll suggest training and resources that will be most useful in the face of an emergency.

reduce chaos and risk

With new knowledge and skills, you’ll have more control and less stress when faced with a community emergency.

Your Preparedness & Response Team

FNESS has a long-standing, respectful relationship with BC’s First Nation communities. We understand how often you hear “no” when facing a crisis and in need of assistance. Your people, needs and values matter to us. We’re here to help in any way we can with guidance, advocacy and training so you can experience a smooth operation tapping into our years of experience and training. When the barriers feel overwhelming, we’re here to help you get to “yes.”

jamie svendsen

interim preparedness & response manager


administrative support

alison lomon

Regional Preparedness
& Response Specialist

casey larochelle

Regional Preparedness
& Response Specialist

kaye bright

regional Preparedness &
Response specialist

Trey Hale

regional Preparedness &
Response specialist

trudy peterson

regional Preparedness &
Response specialist

brian lauzon

response maintenance & equipment specialist

Lead confidently through
challenging times.

Proactive leaders want to stand prepared to manage an emergency. To do that, you need access to effective training and resources before a crisis strikes, and support during response. The problem is BC’s First Nation communities often lack the capacity and opportunities they need to prepare for, manage and respond to emergency events. That missing knowledge base leaves you and your members feeling insecure and at greater risk of loss.

At FNESS, we see how discouraging it is for leaders to feel under-equipped. So our Preparedness and Response Department is committed to building empowering partnerships that help Nations get more of the support they need before, during and after an incident.

Contact our office to start working together and bring your members the training you need. Let’s create a safer future and an empowering partnership for the long run.