FNESS Business Continuity and COVID-19 - April 7, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve in BC, Canada and internationally.  In response to the continued pandemic in BC and based on the guidance of public health officials, FNESS has made a few changes to our operations that will be in effect until further notice.  All FNESS events including workshops, meetings and conferences are being cancelled, postponed or moved to a virtual format.  ALL FNESS staff travel has been cancelled until further notice.  Updates will continue to be sent from individual departments as this ever-changing situation develops. 

Office Closures and Contact Information

FNESS field offices are closed, with staff working remotely until further notice.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience, as we are all in this together.  During this period, staff will be working remotely and as a result some services will be temporarily modified or unavailable and responses may be delayed.  We will do our best to manage the situation as effectively as possible under the given circumstances and to provide much needed services. 

Regarding the current situation facing all of us, and as noted above, we would like to hear from your community so that we can continue with active files and let us know whether your office/designated staff are available to address any activity regarding FNESS projects.  See contacts below for each department to continue engagement or response.

Administration: 1-888-822-3388 | FNESSInfo@fness.bc.ca

Emergency Management: 1-888-822-3388 | EM@fness.bc.ca

Fire Services Department: 1-888-822-3388 | fireservices@fness.bc.ca

Forest Fuel Management Department: 1-888-388-4431 | ffminfo@fness.bc.ca


Twitter: https://twitter.com/fnessinfo1

Facebook: https://facebook.com/FNESS.BC

Website: https://www.fness.bc.ca/