FNESS – TEAMS program

Preparedness & Response · Remote, British Columbia

The First Nations’ Emergency Services Society (FNESS) has a critical “all hazards coordinated approach” for all First Nation community emergency management (EM) programs across British Columbia (BC).

FNESS Temporary Emergency Assignment Management System (TEAMS) will enhance emergency response and preparedness in BC First Nations by building capacity and providing support, as needed, to communities during emergency events.

First Nation EM program coordinators and staff will be trained in the TEAMS concept and will deploy to assist communities.

FNESS-TEAMS Program Goal
To develop local capacity in First Nation communities through a coaching and mentoring approach providing assistance while at the same time increasing knowledge and skills for future success.
This is your opportunity to enhance or improve your emergency management skills and abilities in a live environment, build relationships with other communities and organizations, and bring your
skills back to your community to enhance their program.

01 – First Nation community under threat of emergency
02 – FNESS-TEAMS members dispatched to support First Nation community
03 – FNESS-TEAMS provide services in community EOC, ESS reception centre or field work
04 – FNESS agency rep to PREOC or ECC

F N E S S – T E A M S

F i r s t  N a t i o n s  H e l p i n g  F i r s t  N a t i o n s

Deployments can be as long as ten days. Time and expenses will be compensated by FNESS. Preference will be given to Indigenous applicants.

For more information please contact 250-377-7600.



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