Fire Prevention Week - October 6-12

  • Fire Prevention Week School Kits are being sent out to community schools this week!  FNESS encourages schools to include fire safety lessons in their classroom learning opportunities. 

          Fire Prevention Week resources are available here: 



  • “Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape!” is the 2019 Fire Prevention Week theme.   This is the focus of the annual Poster and Video Contest.  Creating posters and videos is a great way for students to show what they have learned about fire safety.

          Contest information is available here


  • Encourage your students to  talk about what kind of fire safety information is important to their families.  Use smartphones to make fire safety videos.  Filming, editing, adding titles, music and voice overs can all be done on your smart phone. 



  • FNESS is pleased to be working with other fire prevention organizations to encourage more BC Schools and their students to participate in FPW 2019.  Your students can create fire safety posters or videos.  Entries received by October 25 are entered into 3 contests based on grade level.  Contest information is available here

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