Fire Services - Exterior Firefighter Training

The Exterior Operations Program gives firefighters the basic knowledge and practical skills to safely attack a structure fire and extinguish the fire while protecting exposure. The course based on the British Columbia Structure Firefighter Competency and Training Playbook is designed with safety as the number one priority. The Exterior Operations course through FNESS is recognized by the BC Fire Training Officers Association, and the BC Office of the Fire Commissioner. Each successful fire fighter will receive a certificate of completion.

The course is 9 days attendance, totaling approximately 56 hours of instruction, consisting of the 14 modules over 7 days, and 2 additional days of evaluation. After each module, there is a 20-question multiple choice test and a performance checklist which needs to be completed. In this course, the successful fire fighter will learn:

• Safety and Communication
• Electrical Safety
• Personal Protective Equipment and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
• Ropes and Knots
• Ground Ladders
• Ventilation
• Fire Hose, Appliances and Streams
• Water Supply
• Fire Behavior and Building Construction
• Fire Fighter Rehabilitation
• Emergency Scene Traffic Control
• ICS-100
• Gas Safety

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Adams Lake Indian Band


Photo Left: Brian Lauzon completed Lower Nicola Fire Department - Exterior Operations Training

Photo Right:  Brian Lauzon complted Little Shuswap Fire Department - Exterior Operations Training

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YOUTH ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVE:     Emerson Adolph presented at Skatin School

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