Kitasoo Fire Prevention Boot Camp

December 11, 2018

In late November, FNESS was in Kitasoo to deliver the Fire Prevention Boot Camp.   Ten high school students, their teacher Mr. Greg, Fire Chief Spencer Mason and five firefighters participated.  This was a high-energy two day program that involved lots of hands-on learning.  Students practiced putting on and taking off gear and learned about firefighter skills.  In addition to the realities of house fires and the practical steps they can take to keep their families and communities safe. 

Kitasoo students and community members were an encouraging audience for the fire safety presentations delivered by the Boot Camp participants.  People learned more about smoke alarms, carbon  monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, home escape plans and safety tips for homes.

FNESS had a lot of support to make this program possible. 

A big thank you for our warm welcome to the Kitasoo/Xai'xais Nation! 

  • The Stewardship Authority sent their boat to Shearwater to pick us up
  • The Kitasoo Fire Department provided the Fire Hall, equipment and leadership
  • The Kitasoo Community School jumped on board immediately to offer their support
  • Roger and Justin of Marine Harvest Canada washed the turnout gear when we discovered that everything had gotten wet in transit

A special thank you to Heiltsuk FN for sending two of their wonderful young people to the Boot Camp. 

We so appreciate our time in Kitasoo,

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