Info from the BC Association of Emergency Managers - Local Authority/First Nation ESS Capacity Survey

Emergency Program Coordinators and Emergency Support Service Directors across BC are grateful to see initiatives occuring that modernize both the Emergency Management environment and the ESS program.

To community ESS teams, the ESS program is a fulsome community initiative that calls upon volunteers, suppliers, community centres, and service providers which relies upon trusting relationships built between them and the Local ESS team.

It is agreed upon by most jurisdictions that modernization of ESS is essential. However, the current path of ESS Modernization is focused on digitizing the mechanism of delivery which connects people with services and is being done from the perspective of those in the Provincial staff. The ESS Modernization has not yet paused to reflect upon the reality of the current gaps and challenges that Local Authorities and First Nations who are ultimately responsible for the local-level implementation of the Province's ESS program.

The current focus of ESS Modernization has been focused on digitally modernizing a paper-based system rather than assessing the ESS program as a whole and the need to modernize it in a manner that reflects best practices in humanitarian care. At the end of the day, ESS is still a public-aide humanitarian program that was created by the Province decades ago, transferred from its Ministry of creation to PEP (which became EMBC) and has been delegated to be delivered by Local Authorities.

This survey is intended to centralize gaps and challenges, identify capacity/capacity limitations, and provide a realistic picture of ESS and an opportunity for those who lead the ESS program in their respective jurisdictions to provide input in a unified manner that can be shared with the Province of BC, and Local Government leadership.

Local Authorities deserve a common voice and we, your BCAEM Board of Directors, are providing a mechanism to identify ESS Modernization gaps and challenges collectively.

All questions require an answer - your email address will remain private and be used only for sending a report of the survey results to you.

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.