Release of Cities Adapt to Extreme Wildfires

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction has released the Cities Adapt to Extreme Wildfires report.  Included in the report is Shackan Indian Band and Xwisten First Nation Re-instating Cultural Burning Practices by Esther Lambert.  Link to Cities Adapt to Extreme Wildfires (19.6 MB)

"Research by the Institute, like this report, is organized around the four priorities for action set out by the Government of Canada and established by the United Nations in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction:

  • Build back better in recovery
  • Better understand disaster risk
  • Strengthen disaster risk governance
  • Invest in disaster risk reduction

We are excited to identify successful local government actions across Canada addressing wildfire risk reduction consistent with these priorities. Twenty examples are set out in this report and sixty other case studies have been published by the Institute dealing with other hazards, including extreme rainfall, extreme heat and extreme storms." 

Other cities adapt books containing information regarding extreme heat and extreme rainfall can be found here Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Cities Adapt to Extreme Wildfires   Cities Adapt to Extreme Wildfires - TOC