Partnering to Build

Resilient First Nation

Through All Hazards Emergency Management




Your community relies on your leadership in the event of an emergency. There are barriers to equipping yourself and your people, making support feel out of reach.

Government programs often don’t fit small, remote communities

Challenges with communication and technology exclude you from opportunities

Access to government funding can be a frustrating, defeating process

You see many needs in your community but don’t know where to start

All First Nation Communities deserve empowerment to create safer communities.

FNESS uses the Four Pillars of Emergency Management to help First Nation Communities before, during, and after a crisis.


Reduce loss through protection and prevention programs (e.g. Forest Fuel Mitigation, Cultural Burning Revitalization, Integrated Fire Management).


Prepare for events with education, awareness and training (e.g. Fire Smart, Emergency Command Training, EOC Training, Incident Command Systems Training, Risk Assessments).


Before and during an emergency, get support and training from our compassionate, committed experts.


Be supported with guidance and practical assistance after an event (e.g. logistical recovery, funding access, wellness and support services).

Expertise and Funding to Support 
Independent Emergency Management

Sometimes we are shoulder to shoulder with you, responding in the moment of crisis. Other times, we are helping you work through red tape and bureaucracy. Our diverse team of professionals will equip you with training and resources to help improve the safety of your Nation. Being respectful of your land, people and traditions, FNESS helps members in any way we can, through our service departments.


A Partnership with FNESS Starts with a Conversation


We want to hear your story. An Emergency Management expert will work with you to assess your community’s needs and capacity to implement strategies for safety and prevention.

Be Connected to Resources and Experts

We have diverse professionals and programs ready to help build your confidence as a proactive leader. Together we’ll create a plan to strengthen your ability to reduce risks and manage a crisis. If access to funding has become complicated and defeating, we’ll do everything we can to help you get what you need.

Strengthen Your Community

We’re here to help you lead a safer, more resilient community. If your goal is to build independence in emergency management – we’ll help you become equipped in practical, sustainable ways.

BeCOME a member and make a difference!

As a member of FNESS you will contribute to the growth of all BC First Nation communities, including your own, by sharing your ideas, identifying challenges, developing new skills and strategies, as well as establishing resource and
support networks.

We see what First Nation leaders are up against and offer 
expertise not just to solve problems but to help you develop capacity and confidence. A partnership with FNESS helps create an independent path to a healthier, safer community.

Wayne Schnitzler, Executive Director


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We’ll connect you to emergency management solutions that reduce risk and loss to your Nation.

At FNESS, we know that you want to create a safer, more independent community. To do that, you need to reduce risks before, during and after an emergency. But when you don’t have the expertise or funding to plan and protect effectively, you feel vulnerable and overlooked. We see the barriers you face and have spent years building supportive relationships that advance the independence and safety of First Nation communities in BC.

We believe every First Nation community deserves to be resilient in the face of all hazards.

Reach out and get the conversation started. You don’t need to feel alone as you lead. FNESS will do everything we can to get the resources you need to stand stronger before, during and after any emergency.