strengthening fness’s impact with
administrative reinforcement


improved efficiency


administrative clarity


financial expertise

we support all departments in fness with mechanisms they need to serve you more smoothly.

Financial Professionals

Administrative Specialists

Human Resource Expertise

Internal Information Technology Support

Policy & Procedure Development

Contract Management

Fleet Management

fness administration team

As a group of support specialists, specializing in policies procedures, and administrative structural support for each of FNESS’s Departments.


The First Nations’ Emergency Services Society (FNESS) has developed and delivered emergency services, fire and safety, public education and community development programs to First Nations communities since 1986. FNESS offers a comprehensive compensation package along with the opportunity to work with a highly motivated team, doing work that really makes a difference in First Nations Communities.

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At FNESS, we know that you want to create a safer, more independent community. To do that, you need to reduce risks before, during and after an emergency. But when you don’t have the expertise or funding to plan and protect effectively, you feel vulnerable and overlooked. We see the barriers you face and have spent years building supportive relationships that advance the independence and
safety of First Nation communities in BC.

We believe every First Nation community deserves to be resilient in the face of all hazards.

Reach out and get the conversation started. You don’t need to feel alone as you lead. FNESS will do everything we can to get the resources you need to stand stronger before, during and after any emergency.