reduce risk of wildfire loss through
proactive forest management


reduce risks


protect resources


improve caretaking

Programs & Training to guard against loss:

Cultural and Prescribed Fire Division

FireSmart and Fuels Division

Wildfire Division


Community Safety

Loss of natural resources and
traditional foods

Secondary damage to land stability
and increased flood risk

we equip high-risk nations to become effective
protectors of their resources and communities.

mitigation education, planning & training

Enable your community to manage the roles and responsibilities of fire mitigation with effective planning and training.

access to

Get connected to funding for mitigation efforts and guidance through the application and approval process.

indigenous forest manAger

Explore the possibilities of creating year-round employment of a local caretaker trained to oversee forest protection and mitigation management.

the risk is undeniable.

together, we’ll create a plan that will
reduce the threat to your nation


Call or email our office to tell us about your community and the support you need.

needs & capacity assessment

We’ll work with you to assess hazards and guide you towards a practical mitigation approach.

funding support

If you’re struggling with funding challenges, we’ll help you work through it.

protect your forest and your community

With new skills and an export planning partner, you’ll have the know-how to reduce the risk of loss due to wildfire.

Case Study

A lesson in preparEdness

fness mitigation team

As a group of Mitigation Specialists, we deliver programs that help you reduce wildfire risks to your community. FNESS has long-term, supportive relationships with First Nation communities across BC. We recognize the challenge of accessing government funding and the frustration that it creates. Your values, needs and people matter to us. We’re happy to help you in any way we can.

quentin nelson

mitigation team leader

karen alexandre

administrative coordinator

dave pascal

cultural & prescribed fire specialist

vic upshaw

cultural & prescribed fire specialist

darrick andrew

mitigation liaison

caleb rempel

mitigation liason

marc aymerich casas

mitigation liason

cathy mackenzie

mitigation specialist

larry price

mitigation specialist

owen price

mitigation specialist

robert mitchell

mitigation specialist

robert bosse

wildfire specialist

amanda reynolds

provincial firesmart coordinator

improve forest caretaking
through fuel mitigation.

Proactive leaders recognize the threat of wildfires and want to do everything they can to reduce the risk to their people, natural resources and property. However, without expertise, you could waste time and effort on an ineffective approach that leaves your community vulnerable. That’s why FNESS partners with First Nation leaders to help assess risks and prescribe treatments to lower the potential for loss due to forest fires.

Contact our office to start working together and bring your members the training you need. Let’s create a safer future and an empowering partnership for the long run.