Keep Your Community Safe with Fire 
Prevention & Training Programs







Improve Your Safety with Accessible Programs & Training:

Education Resources

Leadership and Governance, Home Fire Life Safety, and Community Fire Prevention

Smoke Alarm and Fire Extinguisher

Youth Engagement Initiative and Gathering Our Voices Conference

Fire Officer Safety and Capacity Building

Firefighter Training

Firefighters’ Competitions (Provincial/ National)

First Nations Fire Department Networking and Mentoring Platform

Annual Summary Report

Fire Services Communications, Advisory and Outreach

Fire Safety Assessments

Fire Department Driver Pump Operator Program

Community First Aid

We help First Nation
Leaders and Communities who:

Need basic fire awareness and education

Face barriers around technology, communication, and location

Struggle to access government funding for fire services

Need basic fire awareness and education

All First Nation Communities deserve fire safety
programs and training.

From Fire Prevention to Active Public Education, FNESS Fire Services Department helps communities like yours take their next step to protect their people. We see you working hard to take care of and lead your community. And we also see the barriers that leave you feeling unprepared. Together, we’ll create a plan to equip your members with fire safety skills and confidence. It doesn’t matter how small or remote your community is. We’ll partner with you for the long run.


Safety starts at home. We work with community members to build awareness and skills that save lives and avoid preventable fires.


Working together, community members learn safety programs that require group organization and support to be effective.


FNESS provides training and support to create independent fire departments in communities ready to take this step.

Be matched to training that fits

We offer a wide range of training programs for individuals, communities and fire departments. Our team will connect you to opportunities that suit your needs – start with a conversation.

improve your community’s fire protection


Call or email our office to tell us about your community and the support you are looking for.

make a plan

We’ll work with you to assess your needs and identify the resources that will be most effective and make sense for your community.

Get equipped

Our team will deliver training and programs to equip and protect your people. If you’re struggling with funding challenges, we’ll help you work through it.

Protect your community

With new knowledge and skills, your members will be better prepared to prevent and respond to a fire emergency.

fness fire services team

As a group of Fire Professionals, we deliver programs that help you create safer, more prepared, better-equipped communities. We recognize the challenge of accessing government funding and the frustration that it creates. Your values, needs and people matter to us. Through long-term, supportive partnerships, we’ll help you in any way we can.

Create a stronger, more
fire-prepared community.

You want to lead your community with fire safety in mind. To do that, your members need skills and resources. Unfortunately, access to training, especially for small and remote communities, is a struggle. Plus, the complicated funding process is often a frustrating barrier. We know this leaves First Nation leaders feeling underprepared and at risk. But we believe your community deserves to gain the skills that keep you protected.

FNESS’s Fire Services team works with you to develop a fire safety program regardless of your community’s size or location. If you need assistance with funding, we’ll help guide you through the process. We understand the many barriers First Nation communities face and will partner with you to improve fire safety for your Nation.

Contact our office to start working together and bring your members the training you need. Let’s create a safer future and an empowering partnership for the long run.