Mentorship & Practical Support
During and After an Emergency







Equip your Community to lead during and after an emergency:

Provide ESS Program Support and Mentorship

Recovery Plan Development

Recovery Management Recruitment and Funding Support

Recruit, Train and Deploy Temporary Emergency Assignment Management System (FNESS-TEAMS) as requested

When faced with a fire, flood or other crisis,
many First Nation communities suffer avoidable
losses because they:

Don’t have a local leader and team trained for recovery and emergency support services

Face technology and communication barriers that delay support

Are unaware of the steps involved to secure financial recovery

FNESS Preparedness & Recovery helps
you prepare and manage a crisis independently.

We help First Nation communities find their way through the practical and financial reality of recovery and emergency response services. When you feel overlooked because your situation falls outside the standard guidelines, we’ll do everything we can to connect you with the resources you need. We’re here to help where and when you need us.




During the active phase of an emergency, we will do everything we can to help you navigate the situation. On-the-job training and support will help you feel more in control as you lead through the crisis.




As caretakers of your community, the responsibilities continue long after the emergency. We’ll assist you with understanding and accessing programs to help you recover practically and financially.

Strengthen Your Community

By Equipping a local Emergency
Services Team


Being prepared for an emergency before it happens will reduce strain on leaders and their communities. Reach out to our team so we can understand more about you, your people, and your emergency management goals.

get equipped

With your knowledge of local hazards and our expertise in emergency planning, we’ll suggest training and resources that will be most useful in the face of an emergency.

reduce chaos and risk

With new knowledge and skills, you’ll have more control and less stress when faced with a community emergency.

Your Preparedness & Recovery Team

FNESS has a long-standing, respectful relationship with BC’s First Nation communities. We understand how often you hear “no” when facing a crisis and in need of assistance. Your people, needs and values matter to us. We’re here to help in any way we can with guidance, advocacy and training. When the barriers feel overwhelming, we’re here to help you get to “yes.”

Know what to do and who can help after a crisis.

Proactive community leaders anticipate the fall-out from an emergency. Recovering well means preparing ahead by putting an Emergency Services team in place. The problem is BC’s First Nation communities often lack the capacity and opportunities they need to effectively equip their communities to manage emergency events. That missing knowledge base leaves you and your members feeling insecure and at greater risk of loss.

At FNESS, we believe First Nation communities can be equipped to take the lead on emergency management and develop a supportive partnership to fill in the gaps. Our Preparedness and Recovery Department is committed to mentoring and supporting your community and leadership when and where you need it.

Prepare ahead by contacting our office. We’re here to connect you to the training and resources you need so you can stand strong in the face of a crisis. Partner with FNESS to reduce stress and risk by equipping your local emergency services team.