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Fire Services

The Fire Services Department assists BC First Nations communities to increase their overall level of fire protection. Statistics indicate that fire occurrence, incidents and deaths are substantial in First Nation communities.  Adhering to our Vision to help develop-Safe and Healthy First Nation Communities, we strive to make an impact by reducing the negative statistics.

The Fire Services Department’s web page is designed to be an information conduit for First Nations communities where they can to learn about our services and the fire services industry in BC, and access fire and life safety resources.

Following is the Department of Indigenous Services Canada’s new format of a tiered approach to engage communities in increasing the overall level of fire protection:

Fire Protection Tiers

Regional Contact Information
Tel: 1-888-822-3388

Dean Colthorp
Manager - Fire Services

Esther Winder
Fire Services Coordinator

Brian Lauzon
Fire Services Officer

Sarah Kent
Fire Services - Admin

Liz Wilson
Fire Services - Instructor


Foundational Training

Fire Protection Leadership Governance The purpose of this training is to enhance capacity and awareness of Band Council Governance with regards to community fire protection. Discussion topics include Fire Safety Assessment report of the community, long-term financial responsibilities for operations and maintenance of fire departments, trucks and equipment, levels of fire protection, the importance of fire prevention and supporting a designated community champion who heads the community fire prevention program by means of a Fire Prevention BCR/By-Law.

Tier 1: Home Fire Protection

Addresses fire safety activities that have the greatest potential for preventing fires and saving lives.

Tier 2: Community Fire Protection

Community Fire Protection focuses on enhancing education and awareness, that requires a greater degree of community organization and support in order to be effective.

Tier 3: Fire Departments

Community Fire Departments may be considered once a community has established Foundational and Tier 1 & 2 activities. Several factors are fully explored; capacity, recruitment, retention, operations, maintenance, partnerships and service agreements to support long-term sustainability of community fire protection and prevention.

Additional Fire Services Program

Working in collaboration with provincial fire protection agencies and municipalities to enhance resources, explore opportunities and support First Nations Fire Protection. Fire incident reporting and communications. We have launched a new (pilot) Research and Development annual summary report to increase awareness and enhance fire protection capacity with First Nations communities.


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