Celebrating FireSmart Excellence and Spring Preparedness

Apr 23, 2024

Local FireSmart™ Representative for February 2024 

Each month, FireSmart™ BC recognizes a Local FireSmart Representative (LFR). In February 2024, David Mckay from the Bridge River Indian Band was the recipient of the award. Throughout his first year, David has been hosting FireSmart events, undertaking FireSmart Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Assessments, participating in mitigation efforts, and preparing his community for the 2024 wildfire season. Congratulations, David! Way to go!

David Mckay posing with the FireSmart mascot, Ember the Fox

FireSmart™ Spring Readiness

As spring approaches, individuals can take proactive steps to prepare for the heightened risk of wildfires. Referring to the FireSmart Begins at Home Guide, everyone can begin by surveying their areas for potential hazards such as dry vegetation, accumulated debris, or flammable materials near structures. Clearing gutters, trimming trees to maintain a minimum clearance of 6 feet from the ground, and ensuring grass is kept shorter than 10cm are recommended practices to reduce wildfire activity around structures. Additionally, it is important to ensure that structures are outfitted with fire-resistant materials and that applicable vents are properly screened with 3mm metal mesh to prevent embers from entering (DO NOT screen your dryer vent). Developing an evacuation plan and assembling an emergency kit are also essential components of wildfire readiness. By undertaking these measures during the spring months, individuals can significantly increase the resilience of their properties and better protect themselves and their communities from the threat of wildfires.

First Nations’ Emergency Services Society (FNESS) FireSmart™ Team

The FNESS FireSmart team continues to support communities with FireSmart funding applications, FireSmart community events, developing FireSmart research, delivering training, attending workshops, supporting the Wildfire Resiliency and Training Summit organization, delivering FireSmart programming, and assisting communities become more resilient to wildfire through the FireSmart disciplines.

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