Fortified and Fearless: New gear empowers and protects firefighters of the Lake Babine Nation 

Dec 14, 2023

firefighters standing in firehall with new equipment

Photo submitted by Chris Turner.

This fall, the Ft. Babine and Tachet fire departments celebrated as they replaced outdated equipment from the 1990s that had long surpassed its prime.

The Ft. Babine and Tachet fire departments are both a part of the Lake Babine Nation located in Northwest British Columbia. Tachet has ten fire department members and Ft. Babine has five that help protect the Lake Babine Nation.

Chris Turner, First Nations’ Emergency Services Society Fire Services Officer (FNESS), played a pivotal role in delivering the new gear to the Lake Babine Nation. Through funding provided by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), Chris secured new turn out gear and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) for the fire departments, addressing a pressing need for updated resources.

In total, both departments received the following essential equipment to safeguard firefighters during training and when responding to fires:

  • 20 SCBA bottles
  • 16 sets of head-to-toe turn out gear
  • 10 SCBA air packs
  • Flashlights

This infusion of new gear was a breath of fresh air for both fire departments. Chris, with his expertise and passion, not only facilitated the introduction of the new gear but also took the time to educate and guide the firefighters on its proper use and maintenance. Ongoing support remains readily available to both fire departments, ensuring they can navigate their new equipment with confidence.

firefighters with all their gear on including SCBA equipment

Firefighters wearing new gear including new SCBA equipment. Submitted by Chris Turner.

In addition to this delivery, FNESS extended its support to Ft. Babine by providing a structural protection trailer during the recent wildfire season. This collaborative approach between the communities of the Lake Babine Nation and FNESS, embodies a commitment to safety and preparedness. Thank you Ft. Babine and Tachet firefighters for your dedication as you work hard to serve and protect your communities.

If you want to learn more about FNESS structural firefighting training or wish to explore how your community can benefit, we invite you to reach out to our dedicated Fire Services team via email. Together, let’s continue building resilient and well-equipped First Nation firefighting teams for a safer future.