New water moving system to aid First Nation communities during wildfires and floods

Apr 25, 2024

Wildfires and floods are becoming more frequent and intense, and finding innovative ways to protect lives, property, and nature is crucial. Fortunately, innovative solutions are arising. One such solution is the Large Volume Water Moving Systems (LVWMS), designed to protect communities from both wildfires and floods. Recognizing the enormous benefits of the LVWMS, the First Nations’ Emergency Services Society (FNESS) is excited to announce we will soon be introducing a LVWMS that will boost our ability to protect communities.

So, what exactly is a LVWMS? Simply put, it’s a system made of large water pumps and a lot of hose. It’s impressive ability to pump water as far 5 kilometers makes it possible to deliver water rapidly and efficiently to fire-affected areas and to redirect water away from flood-affected areas.

How the Large volume water moving system Will Help Communities

Faster Response Time: Firefighting and structure protection crews can respond more swiftly to wildfires, cutting down the time it takes to set up water lines and start putting out fires.

Improved Flood Control: The system can pump large amounts of water away from communities or to lower water levels, increasing the support of flood strategies.

Preservation and Protection of Culture: Whether it’s a fire or flood threat, the system can keep culturally significant sites safe by either diverting water away from the area or directing it towards it.

Enhanced Fire Suppression Capacity: The LVWMS Significantly increases the amount of water available for firefighting operations, enhancing the effectiveness of fire suppression and protection efforts.

Greater Flexibility and Mobility: The portable design of the LVWMS allows it to be deployed across diverse terrain and environmental conditions, providing greater flexibility and mobility to firefighting and structure protection crews.

Reduced Reliance on Traditional Water Sources: By drawing water from natural sources and using mobile tanks, the LVWMS relies less on things like hydrants and water trucks, easing the strain on local resources.

Enhanced Safety: The systems reliable water supply reduces the need to travel long distances to refill water tanks or trucks, increasing firefighter safety.

The development and implementation of the Large Volume Water Moving System represents an important milestone for FNESS and the First Nation communities we serve. This reliable, high-speed, high-volume water system will empower firefighting crews to respond to wildfires with more speed, efficiency, and safety. It will also assist in reducing the impact of wildfires and floods on our First Nations by helping protect communities, sacred sites, and the environment.

We would like to thank Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) for funding this project and our amazing teams at FNESS for spearheading, supporting, and managing this initiative, enabling us to better support our First Nation communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on the LVWMS!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the FNESS ALL Hazard Response Support Team by clicking the button below.