This program provides kitchen fire extinguishers at no charge to BC First Nations.

To order, complete the Expression of Interest and return it to FNESS by email at: or by FAX at 604-669-9832.

Request a fire extinguisher for each home.

The 5-B:C Fire Extinguishers are great for kitchens. Use this fire extinguisher for:

    • “Class B” flammable liquid fires such as cooking oil, gasoline, propane and kerosene
    • “Class C” for fires in energized electrical equipment such as microwaves, TVs, computers & kitchen appliances.

A mounting bracket, instructions for safe use and maintenance comes with each extinguisher.

Install the extinguisher near a door so you can extinguish a small fire and have a quick, safe escape.

Kitchen Fires are the #1 Cause of all Home Fires

Fire extinguishers, working smoke/carbon alarms, and ongoing fire safety education are essential to the safety of our families, homes and communities. FNESS has can provide fire safety awareness training to school children, Elders and adults. For information on FNESS’s fire safety education programs, contact us at 1-888-822-3388 (toll free).